News Items for March 2015

The Attorney-General's Department

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South Australia’s central body for dispute resolution has opened its doors today.
People living with cognitive impairment will be better protected from sexual exploitation under new laws that come into effect today.
Attorney General John Rau announced three new appointments to the Magistrates Court today.
A conciliation process created to resolve disputes between customers and traders has resulted in a high percentage of cases avoiding the court system.
South Australia’s consumer watchdog received more than 50 phone calls during last week’s campaign aimed to stamp out dodgy and illegal practices among trade services.
The State Government has approved the Adelaide City Council’s proposal to extend the Adelaide park lands dry zone trial for a further six months.
The State Government has introduce a Bill to Parliament to allow police to force the blood testing of any offender who attacks and exposes police, health or emergency service workers to the risk of contracting an infectious disease.
Police will have the power to compel people to undertake a fingerprint scan to prove identification or face a maximum penalty of $1,250 or imprisonment for three months, under a Bill released for consultation.
Community members are being urged to help stamp out dodgy and illegal practices among trades services and Dob in a Dodgy Tradie.
Whether it’s shopping online, hiring the services of a tradesperson or buy a second hand car, consumers need to know their legal rights.
The State Government today released a consultation paper Transforming Criminal Justice: Efficient Progression and Resolution of Major Indictable Matters as part of the criminal justice reform project.
The State Government has said it will seriously consider the Adelaide City Council Committee’s proposal to extend the trial of the dry zone in the South Park Lands.
Judge Joanne Tracey has been appointed to the District Court after 8 years as a Magistrate.
South Australia will adopt strong new laws targeting criminal organisations following the success of similar laws interstate.
The State Government is cracking down on the advertising and promotion of gambling products in a bid to safeguard children from forming dangerous habits.