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Tribunals, boards and committees

Information about tribunals, commissions and boards, appeals and how to make a freedom of information request.

Equal opportunity

Equal Opportunity Commission: provides information, education, assess complaints and work to resolve complaints.

If a complaint cannot be resolved it may be referred to the Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

Workers compensation

South Australian Employment Tribunal: deals with disputes about claims for workers compensation that were submitted from 1 July 2015

Workers Compensation Tribunal: deals with disputes about claims for workers compensation that were submitted prior to 1 July 2015


Guardianship Board: may have a role when a person is unable to make certain important decisions for themselves due to having a mental incapacity. Matters previously heard by the Guardianship Board moved to the SACAT in 2015.

Residential tenancy

Residential Tenancies Tribunal: an independent judicial body that has authority to make legally binding decisions in disputes between agents/landlords and tenants. Matters previously heard by the Residential Tenancies Tribunal moved to the SACAT in 2015.

Industrial relations

Industrial Relations Commission: prevention and resolution of disputes between employers and employees of the public sector, almost all government business enterprise and local government in South Australia.

Industrial Relations Court: discover the role and jurisdictions of the Court.

Victims rights

The Commissioner for Victims’ Rights: website includes information, publications and statement of the rights of victims.


The District Court: hear appeals under a number of Acts where they sit with assessors who have expertise in the relevant area.

Judges of the District Court also preside over the Equal Opportunity Tribunal.

Boards and committees

Boards and committees, for which there is administrative responsibility through the Attorney-General and the Minister for Business Services and Consumers. There are no boards or committees under the responsibility of AGD for the Minister for Industrial Relations.

  • Administrative and Disciplinary Division of the District Court
  • Classification of Theatrical Performances Board
  • Da Costa Samaritan Fund Trust
  • Environment, Resources and Development Court (Native Title Commissioners)
  • Equal Opportunity Tribunal
  • Forensic Science Advisory Committee
  • Legal Practitioners Conduct Board
  • Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Legal Services Commission
  • Police Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Protective Security Officers Disciplinary Tribunal
  • Public Trustee Audit Committee
  • Security and Investigation Agents Act 1995, Industry/Consumer Assessor Panel
  • South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • South Australian Classification Council
  • South Australian Sentencing Advisory Council
  • Training Centre Review Board

Freedom of information

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