Topic 6: Drug and Alcohol Treatment

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Topic 6: Drug and Alcohol Treatment

This is a summary of Topic 6. Download the complete Topic 6 from the Discussion Paper.

When a perpetrator is issued with an intervention order, the court can require them to participate in an intervention program to address behavioural problems.

The Abuse Prevention Program is one such program, operated through the South Australian Magistrates Court via the Family Violence Court. The court can exercise discretion when deciding whether or not to require a defendant to participate.

However, some defendants may benefit from attending a different intervention program. Drug and alcohol treatment programs may be beneficial, for instance, when there is evidence to suggest that these have played a part in the defendant’s domestic violence offending. The court can order an assessment to determine whether the defendant may benefit from an intervention program. However, this assessment is not mandatory, meaning that not all eligible defendants end up being referred for assessment.  

We are asking you to consider whether drug and alcohol abuse assessments should be mandatory as part of the intervention order process. 


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Saturday, 23 July 2016
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