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Review of SA Liquor Laws

Public comment closed on proposed liquor law changes

The South Australian Government sought public comment on sweeping changes to the State’s liquor licensing laws, in response to a review of the licensing regime by former Supreme Court Justice Tim Anderson.

In addition to amendments to the Liquor Licensing Act 1997, the Government sought comment on draft Community Impact Assessment Guidelines which must be applied by the licensing authority when considering certain high risk licence applications.

Consultation closed on 6 January 2017 and the Government is currently considering feedback and making changes considered appropriate in light of the feedback received, before introducing legislation to Parliament early this year. 

Draft Liquor Licensing Bill (PDF 322KB)

Summary of Changes to the Liquor Licensing Act (PDF, 865KB)

Draft Community Impact Guidelines (PDF, 232KB)

Consultation open on liquor licensing changes (PDF, 60KB) - News Release, 17 November 2016

Government Response to the Review of the South Australian Liquor Licensing Act 1997

The South Australian Government has released its response to the review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 by former Supreme Court Judge Tim Anderson.

The vast majority of Mr Anderson's recommendations have been accepted in full, some have been accepted in principle or in part, and eight have not been accepted.

Government Response to the Review of the South Australian Liquor Licensing Act 1997 (PDF 783KB)

New liquor licensing system to reflect contemporary needs (PDF, 302KB) - News Release, 28 September 2016

Review of the South Australian Liquor Licensing Act 1997 (PDF 6.42MB)

Review recommends steps to create modern liquor licensing system (PDF 68KB) - News Release, 6 July 2016

Liquor Licensing Discussion Paper Submissions

On 2 October 2015 the Government announced the first full scale review of South Australia’s liquor licensing laws in almost 20 years.  A discussion paper focused on three key themes:

  • a safer drinking culture;
  • red tape reduction; and
  • vibrancy

It was released and the public were invited to make submissions about reforming the current Liquor Licensing Act 1997.

Submissions closed on 29 January 2016.  However, some respondents were granted an extension until 5 February 2016 to allow for the collation and inclusion of critical research data in their submissions.

Below are the submissions received from respondents who did not object to the publication of their submission. Personal information and references to third parties in some of the submissions have not been published. Submissions marked as “Confidential”, while included in the list below for completeness, have not been published.

List of submissions

  1. Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement (PDF 372KB)
  2. Adelaide City Council (PDF 4996KB)
  3. Adelaide Fringe (PDF 1661KB)
  4. Aldi Stores (PDF 2258KB)
  5. Alexandrina Council (PDF 212KB)
  6. ALH Group (PDF 6358KB)
  7. Association of Independent Schools SA (PDF 961KB)
  8. Not published at the request of the respondent
  9. Australian Liquor Stores Association (PDF 503KB)
  10. Australian Medical Association (SA) Inc (PDF 304KB)
  11. Australian Hotels Association (SA) (PDF 3034KB)
  12. Australian United Retailers Limited (AURL) t/a Foodworks (PDF 578KB)
  13. Barossa Council (PDF 125KB)
  14. Beck Brothers Pty Ltd (PDF 2786KB)
  15. Belair Fine Wines (1) (PDF 176KB)
  16. Belair Fine Wines (2) (PDF 176KB)
  17. Brewers Association of Australia & New Zealand Inc (PDF 630KB)
  18. Business SA (PDF 1526KB)
  19. Not published at the request of the respondent
  20. Not published at the request of the respondent
  21. City of Burnside (PDF 1610KB)
  22. City of Charles Sturt (PDF 6378KB)
  23. City of Holdfast Bay (PDF 1756KB)
  24. City of Marion (PDF 156KB)
  25. City of Mitcham (PDF 252KB)
  26. City of Onkaparinga (PDF 117KB)
  27. City of Playford (PDF 65KB)
  28. City of Port Adelaide Enfield (PDF 992KB)
  29. City of Prospect (PDF 626KB)
  30. City of Salisbury (PDF 122KB)
  31. City of West Torrens (PDF 2159KB)
  32. Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council (PDF 270KB)
  33. Clubs SA – Licensed Clubs Association of SA (PDF 629KB)
  34. Coles Liquor (PDF 4.8MB)
  35. Department for Education and Child Development (PDF 734KB)
  36. Diageo Australia (PDF 261KB)
  37. District Council of Ceduna (PDF 414KB)
  38. Encounter Youth Inc (PDF 380KB)
  39. Environment Protection Authority SA (EPA) (PDF 2120KB)
  40. Fassina SA Family Liquor Merchants (PDF 202KB)
  41. Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) (PDF 1349KB)
  42. Independent Gambling Authority (PDF 190KB)
  43. Late Night Venue Association of SA Inc (PDF 943KB)
  44. Legal Services Commission of SA (PDF 2334KB)
  45. Licensing Court of South Australia (PDF 634KB)
  46. Not published at the request of the respondent
  47. Liquor Marketing Group (PDF 338KB)
  48. Live Performance Australia (PDF 62KB)
  49. Local Government Association of South Australia (PDF 216KB)
  50. Mainglen Holdings Pty Ltd (PDF 56KB)
  51. Master Grocers Australia (PDF 1098KB)
  52. Mount Barker District Council (PDF 212KB)
  53. Mr Craig Otterspoor (PDF 68KB)
  54. Mr John Meek (PDF 34KB)
  55. Mr Justin Cobbett (PDF 10KB)
  56. Mr Luke Todd (PDF 39KB)
  57. Not published at the request of the respondent
  58. Mr Paul Kitteringham (PDF 44KB)
  59. Mr Peter Butler (PDF 703KB)
  60. Mr Troy Nelles (PDF 80KB)
  61. Ms Angela Vaughan (PDF 164KB)
  62. Ms Frances Bedford MP (PDF 240KB)
  63. Music SA / Musitec Ltd / Live Music Office (PDF 451KB)
  64. Not published at the request of the respondent
  65. Peter Seppelt Wines (PDF 51KB)
  66. Port Augusta City Council (PDF 218KB)
  67. Public Health Association of Australia (PDF 4836KB)
  68. Regional Development Australia Barossa (PDF 329KB)
  69. Renewal SA (PDF 302KB)
  70. Restaurant & Catering Australia (PDF 994KB)
  71. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (PDF 74KB)
  72. Rural City of Murray Bridge (PDF 318KB)
  73. SA Micro Brewers Association (PDF 203KB)
  74. SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (1) (PDF 406KB)
  75. SA Network of Drug and Alcohol Services (2) (PDF 267KB)
  76. South Australian Independent Retailers Inc (PDF 980KB)
  77. South Australian Music Industry Council (PDF 81KB)
  78. South Australian Retirement Villages Residents’ Association (PDF 95KB)
  79. South Australian Wine Industry Association Inc (PDF 259KB)
  80. Southern Flinders Tourism & Tastes Inc (PDF 108KB)
  81. The Law Society of South Australia (PDF 1108KB)
  82. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (PDF 73KB)
  83. Town of Walkerville (PDF 1114KB)
  84. Victim Support Service (PDF 250KB)
  85. William Close Pty Ltd (PDF 100KB)
  86. Costco Wholesale Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 29KB)
  87. Not published at the request of the respondent
  88. Not published at the request of the respondent
  89. Not published at the request of the respondent

Review of submissions

The Hon T.R Anderson QC was appointed by the Government of South Australia to conduct an independent review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.  As part of his review, Mr Anderson considered the issues raised in the Liquor Licensing Discussion Paper and the submissions received from respondents.

Mr Anderson  released his findings to the Government on 6 July 2016.

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