About the Initiative

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About the Initiative

Community pictureThe Transforming Criminal Justice initiative began in 2014, when the South Australian Government created the new portfolio of Justice Reform, and published Transforming Criminal Justice: Putting People First Strategic Overview (PDF 3.7 MB). The Strategic Overview started a conversation about the operation of the criminal justice system, and asked the community and the legal profession to consider what improvements and efficiencies could be made to ensure better outcomes for the people of South Australia.

The Minister for Justice Reform and the Attorney-General's Department provides a single point of leadership for the reform agenda, providing oversight to ensure that all parts of the criminal justice sector are engaged in the reform process and working together.

An important key to reform of the criminal justice system is the Criminal Justice Sector Reform Council. The Council is a platform for high level discussions around issues affecting the criminal justice system, promoting and supporting a contemporary, effective and efficient criminal justice system, which maintains justice and integrity, inspiring the confidence of the public. 

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A Case for Change

Under the Transforming Criminal Justice initiative, the criminal justice system will be viewed and re-considered as a whole. No part of the system will be immune from change, and all reforms will need to demonstrate tangible improvements for victims and the community by:

  • addressing delays and backlogs
  • allowing flexible sentencing and rehabilitation
  • improving the use of technology and resources
  • increasing transparency.

Read more about the case for change.

What is the Criminal Justice System?

The criminal justice system is made up of a number of entities, each playing a role in our system of adversarial justice. 

When a crime is committed and the alleged offender apprehended, the criminal justice system commences operation. It is a continuum along which the alleged offender will travel, with the point of departure and destination dependent upon their innocence or guilt and the nature of their crime. Along this continuum there are numerous different agencies that play important and varying roles.

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Public Consultation

The South Australian Government is committed to consulting the community about ongoing reform in the criminal justice system. 

In June 2015, two hundred and eighty five South Australians provided feedback on the state's criminal justice system as part of the Transforming Criminal Justice GOVChat phone-in session. Members of the public had direct access to leaders of the criminal justice sector including Ministers and senior executives, with their feedback informing future Government policies.

In addition, the community is routinely consulted on discussion papers relating to criminal justice reforms, and draft bills. Current consultations can be found on the Transforming Criminal Justice home page.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016
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