Better Sentencing Options Discussion Paper

The Attorney-General's Department

Better Sentencing Options Discussion Paper

In June 2015 the Attorney-General released the Transforming Criminal Justice: Putting People First Discussion Paper on Better Sentencing Options:Creating the Best Outcomes for Our Community (PDF 518KB)
The Government asked the community to provide feedback on whether some individuals, who would otherwise be sentenced to imprisonment, could be punished and rehabilitated in other ways following a proper risk assessment.  
The Discussion Paper on Better Sentencing Options continued the Government’s conversation with the community about criminal justice sector reform and in particular, what the appropriate consequences are for offenders who commit crimes and how best the community can be served through sentencing. Feedback was due on 29 August 2015.
The Discussion Paper emphasised that community protection must remain the primary objective and that community safety is enhanced when the rate at which people commit crimes is reduced. 
The Government asked all South Australians to consider that the community could be better served by allowing some offenders to serve their sentence in the community, allowing an offender to work towards rehabilitation, reintegration and becoming a productive member of society, at the same time as being punished.

Community Advisory Panel and Key Partner Workshop (2015)

 As part of community consultation on the Discussion Paper, in August 2015 the Attorney-General engaged democracyCo to broaden the democratic engagement, and add a deliberative element, to the consultation.
DemocracyCo facilitated a Community Advisory Panel (the Panel) involving 19 individual community members who came together over two evening to deliberate over:
“What is important to you about how we rehabilitate offenders outside prison to enhance community safety?”
The Panel were asked to consider that community safety is enhanced when offenders are rehabilitated and do not reoffend, and community based sentences and rehabilitation programs can reduce reoffending.
DemocracyCo also facilitated a Key Partner Workshop over one day involving 30 representatives from government and non-government organisations with an interest in the treatment of offenders in the community.
These Key Partners were asked:
“What needs to be considered and done to successfully supervise and rehabilitate offenders outside of prison to reduce re-offending and enhance community safety?”
The Key Partner Workshop focused on options discussed in the Discussion Paper including home detention.
The Key Partners were asked to consider the best approach and how to overcome hurdles to success to help transform the criminal justice system in South Australia.
The reports of the deliberations of the Key Partners and the Panel prepared by democracyCo are available here:


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