Improving Information Sharing

The Attorney-General's Department

Improving Information Sharing

Considering the flow of information through the criminal justice system is an important aspect of the Transforming Criminal Justice initiative. 
Using technology to create efficiencies, measure our performance and develop insights into the nature of our criminal justice system will ensure that we improve outcomes. Improving accessibility and transparency, and protecting vulnerable persons through the use of audio visual technologies will mean that justice is available to all.
Gradually moving away from a wholly paper-based environment, implementing automation so manual processing is not required and allowing citizens to access information from their personal devices will mean delays, confusion and waiting times are reduced.

Improving Electronic Communications

The State Government is proposing changes to the law that will allow greater use of electronic communications in the criminal justice sector. 

The Summary Procedure (Service) Amendment Bill 2016 and the Electronic Transactions (Criminal Proceedings) Amendment Bill 2016 aim to increase efficiency for the sector and for the community by saving time and money, reducing delays and increasing accessibility. 

Find out more about the draft Bills


Consultation on these Bills closed at 5pm  Friday 12 August 2016. 

Discussion Paper: Connecting the criminal justice system through information management

This paper looked at ways in which improved information sharing, through better business practice and use of technology, can deliver better criminal justice services to the South Australian community.

Discussion Paper: Find out more.

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Friday, 19 August 2016
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